From the luxe furnishings and décor to the crafted cocktails, drinks and small plates, Milly’s is an opportunity to kindle new and long held friendships, explore ideas and dreams and to find inclusion. Our bartenders revel in sharing and creating new stories through their craft and setting the stage for your own. 

About Milly's

For well-crafted cocktails and spirited conversation


Milly’s is  easy to visit, without a reservation, for an afternoon or early evening drink and bite with friends, or a cocktail with a love before dinner, or that after dinner night cap to hold in our hands and gradually relax into just being—with no rush to be elsewhere. Milly’s is the space we created for ourselves and a few friends, reflecting love of travel, color, a little bit of fancy mixed with irreverent intellectuals and artists and a good story.


An unscripted life without regard for convention.


Milly Parker was born into an East Coast family of means around the turn of the last century. She led an unconventional life, traveling the world, making friends and attachments and following her interests wherever they led. Milly was most interested in people and different cultures and never hesitated to take opportunities presented to her or to find her own. Her ideal evening would be one spent in a crowded bar or restaurant, around a table with an assortment of people each with an opinion or story to share and with good cocktails being liberally poured. You can learn more about Milly at a website her family set up years ago in her honor:


Explore freely — art, literature and thought

Art can be so serious, but we think it should be fun, wistful, evocative, and sometimes not being quite sure what is going on. We’ve picked pieces that we love, some expensive and some just downright thrifted pre-loved pieces. We’ve supported female artists and paid for new work to be created for Milly’s. Click below for a full list of the pieces and the artists, and if you love something, we encourage you to follow your interest and go find a piece for yourself and contribute to supporting real life artists.

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